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Adult Education Credential

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New students are no longer being accepted into this program. Program is available for students accepted prior to November 30, 2012. Program will sunset all courses on November 30, 2015

Adult Education Credential

This CTC-approved Adult Education Credential authorizes the holder to teach the subjects named on the credential in courses designed primarily for adults. Adult Education credentials may list academic or non-academic subjects.

Who Can Benefit?

This program is designed for individuals interested in teaching adult education.

Completion Information

Completion Requirements

Applicants seeking an Adult Education credential are advised that prior to acceptance in the program, attendance at an orientation session is mandatory. The Adult Education Orientation (EDUC 810), outlining admission and program requirements, is offered every quarter.

Once accepted into the program, the candidate must complete all Level I courses and must obtain approval from the Student Affairs Officer or Program Coordinator before enrollment in any Level II course is permitted.

Applicants must choose between a part-time or a full-time credential. If minimum qualifications are met, students are initially issued a Preliminary Credential and have five years to complete requirements for the credential. Level I courses must be completed within the first two years of the Preliminary Credential period. All full-time credential holders are required to meet the U.S. Constitution requirement.

Students may qualify for an Adult Education credential in a nonacademic subject by:

  • Verifying 5 years of experience and/or education directly related to the subject to be named on the credential.
  • Possessing a high school diploma, GED or foreign equivalent.

All preliminary academic subject credential candidates must meet the following two requirements in addition to the requirements for each subject:

  • Possess a bachelor's degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university, verified by official transcripts.

  • Verify passage of a CTC-approved basic skills proficiency exam or its equivalent.

Adult Education credentials with academic subjects authorize the holder to teach the following academic subjects:

Elementary and Secondary Basic Skills Requirements
To earn the credential, students must successfully complete 19 quarter units with at least three units in four of the following six areas:
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Language other than English
English as a Second Language Requirements
To earn the credential, students must successfully complete 19 quarter or 10 upper-division semester units in one or any combination of the following:
  • Teaching ESL (TESL)
  • English
  • Linguistics
  • Teaching Reading
  • Language other than English
  • Bilingual/Bicultural Studies
  • Speech
Individual Subjects: Language other than English, English, Fine Arts, Life Science, Mathematics, Physical Science, Social Sciences Requirements

To earn the credential, students must successfully complete 20 quarter or 10 upper-division semester units in each subject to be taught, to qualify.

Completion Time

The program can typically be completed within two years; however it must be completed within the five-year validity of the Preliminary Credential.


The cost for the program is approximately $3,500. This does not include textbooks or materials unless otherwise noted.


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Additional Information

Individual Counseling Meeting

Following attendance at the orientation session, applicants are to call the Credentials Office at (951) 827-1661 e-mail credentials@ucx.ucr.edu to arrange a counseling meeting.

Textbook Information

If a textbook is required, information is provided in the course listing when scheduled, on the confirmation you receive after enrolling, or by e-mail for an online class.

Contact Information

Credentials Office
(951) 827-1654

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