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Medical Transcription Editor

Medical Transcription Editor: Online Professional Study Program


Participants in the Medical Transcription Editor: Online Professional Study Program will be taught:

  • Medical transcription industry, medical transcription training program, and become oriented to the online program.
  • Understand keyboard basics.
  • Medical word building, including root words, combining forms, prefixes, and suffixes.
  • A refresher of basic English grammar and punctuation rules.
  • Basic human anatomy and various diseases.
  • Major body systems and diseases associated with them.
  • Specialized vocabulary used by healthcare providers including word differentiation, abbreviations, plurals, foreign terms, and slang and jargon in medical language.
  • Editing skills, proofreading problem areas.
  • Fundamentals of transcription using a wide variety of clinic notes and progress notes across various specialties.
  • Basic hospital reports and basic and advanced acute care dictation files.
  • Tracking and improving productivity.

Who Can Benefit?

This program is designed for those entering the field of medical transcription, experienced health care professionals such as registered or licensed vocational nurses, or anyone who is interested in broadening their skills in the field of health care.

Completion Information

Required Courses (60 CEU)UnitsFallWinterSpringSummer
Medical Transcription Editor Online Program 60 CEU Continuous Enrollment

Course Preview

Try a demo of the course!

  • Login: ucrmte
  • Password: demo

Completion Information

Completion Requirements

To successfully complete the program, participants must pass the final exam with 85% or better.

Completion Time

The program can typically be completed in six months. The program must be completed within one year.


The cost for this program is approximately $2,895. Tuition includes:

  • all course materials
  • unlimited student and technical support
  • transcription foot pedal (device used to control audio playback when transcribing)
  • 15-month membership to the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI)
  • 15-month subscription to Benchmark KB (online database that includes a dynamic medical dictionary, AHDI Book of Style, and many other medical transcription resources)


High school graduation or equivalent. Computer literate.

Completing your Self-Paced Course

Self-paced online courses are exactly what they sound like. You pace the classes yourself. That means you don't have to drive to a campus at a scheduled time, you won't be asked to work on group projects with other students, and the timeline for finishing is usually lenient (up to 12 months for this course).

This sounds great, but, there are pros and cons to learning in this way. Procrastinators beware. If you fall behind going beyond the maximum time allowed you might have to pay an extension fee to continue the class. Eventually, you might be dropped for not making satisfactory progress or the time expires. Those who do especially well in self-paced online classes are those who can work unsupervised, remain motivated, and stay on task.

We want you to succeed! We encourage you to use the Study Plan tool available on the course site. You can simply enter your completion goal date, and the system will automatically generate a calendar schedule of where you need to be each week. It will also auto-adjust as you progress through the course. This is an excellent way to help you stay on track to complete the program on time, and ultimately get that new career and be successful. See a demo of the course and the Study Plan here.



This is a self-paced online course. There is no specific instructor however technical and instructional support are provided if needed.

Instructor Opportunities

Interested in becoming an instructor at UCR Extension? Find out how.

Additional Information

Textbook Information

All texts will be mailed to you after you enroll in the course.


The Association for Health care Documentation Integrity (AHDI) maintains two industry credentials, the Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) credential and the Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) credential. The RMT exam is designed for entry-level medical transcriptionists, and both programs help graduates gain a solid foundational understanding the Medical Transcription field.

Hardware Requirements

Since the course is completely online, your computer will play an important role in your learning experience. We recommend the following minimum computer system specifications:

  • Hardware
    • Active internet connection (High speed/Broadband connection recommended)
    • 800 X 600 minimum resolution (1024 X 768 or higher recommended)
    • Sound card and speakers (Earphones recommended)
    • Available USB port
  • Software
    • Adobe Flash Player (ver. 10 or higher)
    • Windows Media Player (ver. 10 or higher) or Quicktime Player (ver. 7 or higher)
    • PDF reader
  • Browser
    • Internet Explorer 7.x/8.x
    • Firefox 3.x
    • Safari 4.x or greater (Mac only)**
    • Javascript and cookies must be enabled
  • Operating System
    • Microsoft Windows (XP®, Vista®, 7 with latest service pack)
    • Mac OS X (10.4.11 or greater)**

**Note: The Medical Transcription Editor program includes a third party software tool that makes the training only compatible with Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer 7.x or 8.x.

Contact Information

Jennifer Campbell
(951) 827-5804

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