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Professional Interpretation and Translation - Spanish/English Certificate

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Entrance into this program requires the completion of the Qualifying Admissions Exam. For more information contact the Science, Law and Humanities Department at arts@ucx.ucr.edu

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Professional Certificate in Interpretation and Translation - Spanish/English

Interpreters/translators are language specialists who relay concepts and ideas between languages. They must also understand the subjects in which they work in order to accurately convert information.

UCR Extension's Professional Interpretation and Translation certificate program was designed in response to the increasing demand for certified interpreters in the fields of law, medicine, business, education, immigration and conference interpreting. The program provides the necessary educational preparation to enter the professional field of interpreting and formal translation.

Besides teaching all modes of interpretation, this program focuses on:

  • Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish vocabulary
  • Acquisition of specialized terminology
  • Translation skills used in criminal and civil court matters
  • Training in the development of listening and memory skills
  • Note-taking techniques
  • Public speaking
  • Building a wide range of vocabulary

The program also provides preparation for examinations required for federal and state court interpretation and county agencies, as well as professional organizations.

Who Can Benefit?

This certificate program is designed for:

  • Professional interpreters and translators.
  • Those considering a career in professional interpretation and translation.
  • Individuals interested in becoming certified court interpreters.
  • Individuals with a high level of bilingual fluency developed through formal education or from interpretation-related work experience in business and community settings.

Completion Information

Completion Requirements

To earn this certificate, students must complete a total of 20 units of required courses with a grade of C or better

Completion Time

Generally, certificate candidates may complete the program in ten months.

Admission Requirements/Qualifying Examination

To be admitted to this program, candidates must:

  • Pass the admissions examination to determine mastery in both languages.
  • Submit a recording for review by the instructor.
  • Have completed two years of college-level work, or have prior approval from the department.


The cost for the certificate is approximately $2,700, including textbooks and materials.



Alan Green, J.D., Deputy County Counsel, San Bernardino County, is a member of the County's litigation unit representing the County in personal injury claims. In addition, Green serves as legal advisor to San Bernardino County's Public Health Department, and provides legal guidance to the Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency.

Olivia Johnston, Olivia Johnston Enterprises, Inc.; Coordinator and Lead Faculty, UCR Extension Professional Interpretation and Translation Certificate Program; Member, Court Interpreters Advisory Panel, California Judicial Council, San Francisco. Johnston has over 30 years of professional experience as an interpreter.

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Textbook Information

If a textbook is required, information is provided in the course listing when scheduled, on the confirmation you receive after enrolling, or by e-mail for an online class.

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