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Supplementary Authorization in Introductory Mathematics

Supplementary Authorization in Introductory Mathematics


Add the subject of mathematics or introductory mathematics to your credential with the Supplementary Authorization in Introductory Mathematics. This program is approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to fulfill requirements to teach departmentalized classes in 9th grade and below math curriculum.

Upon completion of the courses, the holder of a valid Multiple Subject or Standard Elementary Teaching Credential may add the subject of "Mathematics" to his or her credential. The holder of a valid Single Subject or Standard Secondary Teaching Credential my add the subject of "Introductory Mathematics" to his or her credential.

NOTE: The Supplementary Authorization in Introductory Mathematics is not No Child Left Behind (NCLB) compliant. Additional units are needed to meet the federal regulation requirements for subject matter competency.

Who Can Benefit?

This program is designed for teachers who hold a valid Multiple Subject, Standard Elementary, Single Subject or Standard Secondary Teaching Credential and are interested in teaching mathematics.

Course Schedule

Required Courses (16 units)UnitsFallWinterSpringSummer
College Algebra 24.0Offered   
Developing the Real Number System 14.0Offered   
Fundamental Concepts of Geometry - Part I 34.0Offered   
Strategies for Effective Mathematics Instruction 14.0   Offered
Developing the Real Number System - Part B 14.0  Offered 
Linear Algebra 24.0 Offered  
Non-Linear Algebra 24.0  Offered 
Fundamental Concepts of Geometry - Part II 34.0 Offered  
1Course accepted toward Introduction to Mathematics area
2Course accepted toward Algebra area
3Course accepted toward Geometry area

Completion Information

Completion Requirements

To earn a Supplementary Authorization in Introductory Mathematics, students must successfully complete (grade C or better) a total of 16 units: four quarter units in each of the three specific content areas listed below, and four additional quarter units which may be selected from additional courses in any of the content areas.

  1. Introduction to Mathematics or Developing of the Real Number System
    MATH X432 - Strategies for Effective Mathematic Instruction (4 units)
    MATH X405 - Developing the Real Number System, Part A (4 units)
    MATH X405.B - Developing the Real Number System, Part B (4 units)
  2. Algebra
    MATH X409 - College Algebra (4 units)
    MATH X409.1 - Linear Algebra (4 units)
    MATH X409.2 - Non-Linear Algebra (4 units)
  3. Geometry
    MATH X415.1 - Fundamental Concepts of Geometry, Part I (4 units)
    MATH X415.2 - Fundamental Concepts of Geometry, Part II (4 units)

Completion Time

This program can typically be completed within one year.


The cost to complete this program is approximately $2,500, which includes the CTC required fee for adding an Authorization, and a UCR processing fee. This cost does not include textbooks.

Transfer Credit

Equivalent courses from the mathematics department of an accredited institution will be considered for transfer. Courses cannot be remedial, and require a grade of C or better. Please note: CTC requires 15 upper-division quarter units. If you include lower-division units, CTC will double the unit requirement from 15 to 30 quarter units. Official transcripts are required.


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Textbook Information

If a textbook is required, information is provided in the course listing when scheduled, on the confirmation you receive after enrolling, or by e-mail for an online class.

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