Professional Certificate in Interpretation and Translation (English/Spanish)

Professional Certificate in Interpretation and Translation (English/Spanish)

Classroom Program


10 months


20 Units

UCR Extension

With an increasing demand for certified interpreters, our program helps you build proficiency, understanding and specialized terminology so you can interpret between English and Spanish in law, medicine, business, education, immigration or conference interpreting.

Designed For

For individuals who are:

  • Professional interpreters and translators.
  • Considering a career in professional interpretation and translation.
  • Interested in becoming certified court interpreters and have a high level of bilingual fluency developed through formal education or from interpretation-related work experience.

What You'll Learn

  • All modes of interpretation
  • Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish vocabulary
  • Acquisition of specialized terminology
  • Translation skills used in criminal and civil court matters
  • Training in the development of listening and memory skills
  • Note-taking techniques
  • Public speaking

The program also provides preparation for examinations required for federal and state court interpretation and county agencies, as well as professional organizations.

What You Can Do With This Certificate

Positions are available in law, medicine, education, business and other professional areas, and can be found in private firms, government, or nonprofit organizations. They might include:

  • Bilingual Interpreter
  • Professional Interpreter

Program Overview


20 Units

“If you are bilingual, there is great potential in the translation field, but without the necessary tools and guidance, you'll have a very rough path to walk. By earning my professional certificate, and with special thanks to the amazing instructors, I learned the techniques needed to achieve my goals. I highly recommend this program.”

Perla Marquez

Professional Interpreter, Translator and Owner
Perla Mar Enterprises
Menifee, CA

Earning the Certificate

Prior to enrolling, please ensure that you meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have completed two years of college-level work, or have prior approval from the department.
  • Take and pass a written and oral admissions exam.

Oral Admissions Exam Information:

On the day of the admissions exam, students need to submit the following (via flash drive or audio recorder):

  • Recording of a 2-3 minute reading selection in English from a newspaper or magazine article of your choice
  • Recording of an oral interpretation into Spanish of the same article
  • Recording of an autobiographical statement in your non-native language, no longer than 3 minutes

Admissions Exam

  • Students must successfully pass the qualifying admissions written exam to determine mastery in both languages
  • Bring a bilingual dictionary
  • Bring pencils or pens

For more information see How to Earn a Certificate

Certificate Courses

Our certificate programs are designed to be flexible, allowing you the option to take just a few courses or to earn the complete certificate. If choosing to complete the certificate, we recommend you get the most out of your experience by following the suggested completion path below.

Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
“I have been translating for more than 10 years, and I am motivated to help people understand the main concept of what's being discussed in a language other than their own. Clients often feel intimidated, but with a well-trained interpreter by their side, they are able to understand exactly what is happening. It's rewarding for me to help the interpreters in my classes become more effective at translating.”

Pedro Fuentes

Adjunct Faculty of Spanish Languages
Norco College
Norco, CA

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