Managing Through Workplace Inclusion

Course Number: MGT X465.5


1 units

Examines the strategies and techniques supervisors can utilize to ensure that organizational values, goals, and objectives are met--even in the presence of organizational discord or management conflict. You will explore the role of diversity in the workplace and how to create an environment in which men and women of different cultural, ethnic, religious, socioeconomic backgrounds and disabilities can work together agreeably.  You will also discuss: 

  • work-related scenarios that often result in conflict
  • identifying, understanding, and managing differences between self and others
  • developing and maintaining effective working relationships
  • accepting and providing feedback
  • problem solving techniques
  • mediating and when to elicit help
  • creating an environment of inclusion
  • 360° accountability
  • supporting diversity and inclusion
  • eliminating disparity gaps
  • meeting organizational goals


MGT X465.1, Understanding Your Role as Supervisor

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