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Winter offers many options to nurture your sense of discovery to learn and question all things new and old.

  • US - Saudi Arabia: BFF's or friends of necessity?
  • Examine major counterfactual history questions
  • Celebrate the different times, and styles of six sculptors and six painters
  • Appreciate African American actresses who empower their gender and race
  • Explore the Pacific Crest Trail
  • Celebrate the next conscious phases of our lives
  • Enjoy three operas by Puccini
  • Experience the lessons learned from the bench
  • Explore the witty and satirical works of Chaucer
  • Revisit more film, food and culture
  • Analyze violence, alienation and survival in modern society
  • Discover eco-friendly cuisines to create a healthier planet
  • Study architectural history of the western civilization
  • Examine the latest technological advances and their security concerns
  • Explore the future of libraries
  • Discover the science used by superheroes and villains
  • Examine democracy in America and what it says about us

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