"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Sarah Sharp AtenThere is no question that a UC education is transformative. At UCR Extension we are proud to offer academic programs that transform lives and meet the highest standards of the University of California. Our programs are accessible and responsive to workforce and professional development needs, demands for global education, and personal interests

UCR Extension has long been committed to providing a unique gateway for members of Inland Southern California and our vast international networks to achieve their professional and personal goals. In recent years technology has made it possible for us to extend our reach to serve students throughout the U.S., through distance learning programs that reflect the academic and real-world expertise of our instructors.

Our diverse array of professional programs is taught by dynamic, career-focused, real-world expert instructors that utilize innovative course formats that work for today's learners. Our courses provide you with the opportunity to put theories into practice, including programs that offer practical experience through internships and fieldwork. Students who are seeking new careers or want to advance in their current fields will earn a professional certificate that's recognized as the gold standard anywhere in the world.

Visiting international students and professional groups will find that UCR Extension offers a vast array of academic and cultural experiences that are the best in the U.S. Finally, summer youth programs help prepare our young people to excel academically and our Osher program for older adults provides intellectually stimulating courses and lectures to lifelong learners.

Join us in person or on the web, and explore the many ways a UC education can transform your life, and how you can use the knowledge and skills you gain to change the world.

Sarah Sharp Aten's Signature
Sarah Sharp-Aten, M.A.
Interim Dean, UCR Extension

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