UCR OSHER PRESENTS A unique series of workshops on financial wellness sponsored by UCR Osher and UCR Office of Gift Planning. Community experts will provide information on issues and topics that can help improve your financial health. The series is FREE and features professionals and experts from the legal, accounting and financial planning fields. Workshops are offered on Thursdays from 5- 7 p.m. at the UCR Extension Center in Riverside, 1200 University Ave., Riverside. Doing Well by Doing Good: Charitable Gift Planning Techniques Charitable trusts and charitable gift annuities can be powerful tools in boosting your retirement income, taking care of your loved ones, and creating your legacy at your favorite charities in a meaningful way. Learn how income plans can help you to lock in a secure income stream, increase your earnings from your CD or rental home, and save on taxes. Business Succession Planning Create and preserve value by carefully planning your business succession. Learn how to exit your business on your own terms while getting the most value out of it in the process. This is vital information for business owners, as well as family members and advisors. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What the Tax Reform Bill Means for You Congress has passed the most significant tax reform in three decades. There are many changes in the new bill, which was signed into law on Dec. 22, 2017. Attend this high-level overview of some of the most significant items in the new bill. Because major tax reform like this happens so seldom, it may be worthwhile to ensure you reap the most tax savings possible during 2018. Shell Game: Estate Planning From the Rich & Famous Have you ever wondered about the tax loopholes that benefit the super-rich? Did you know that some of them might be available to you, too? Looking at tax returns, court cases, and estate plans of the rich and famous, the presenter will show how “ordinary people” can take advantage of these legal tactics. Long-Term Care Planning People mistakenly believe that the costs of long-term care are covered by Medicare. Without a plan, such costs can quickly drain a person’s finances. Learn how to plan for the possibility of long-term care, how to select quality caregiving services, and options to help pay for this care. April 26–May 31 Money Matters SERIES 13