Camp Creative A P L AY D AT E F O R W O M E N Saturday May 19 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. UCR Extension Center 1200 University Ave., Riverside UCR OSHER PRESENTS This is not your typical workshop! It is more like a one-way ticket from Blahsville to Inspiration City. Learn how to express yourself through words and movement, nurture your playful side, and defy that old art teacher who said glitter does not belong on everything. You will engage in a day packed with fun learning experiences designed to reawaken your innate creativity, indulge your curiosity, and discover yourself in wonder and surprise. Workshop facilitators are talented, friendly and relatable, cultivating a sense of community. Sessions include tapping into your voice through journaling, make-and-take art projects, celebrating joy through movement, and connecting with the self through improvisation. If you deserve a day of unbridled awesomeness, Camp Creative is for you. To reserve your place, select from the list on page 19 or call (951) 827-4105 or (760) 834-0997 to register. WORKSHOPS » » FINDING YOUR VOICE THROUGH JOURNALING We will utilize journaling as a tool for improving body image and self- compassion. Explore ideas through metaphors and word choice, we will step out of clichés and write with greater creativity about authentic topics such as passion, sexuality and connection. We will participate in creative visualization and writing exercises to tap into our sensuality and awaken creativity. » » ART AS SELF-EXPRESSION Designed for beginners who wish to develop creativity skills and use art as a way of self-discovery. You experience a variety of art techniques, artistic team building activities, and therapeutic approaches designed to help utilize art as a tool for inspiration. » » CONNECTING WITH CREATIVITY THROUGH IMPROVISATION We begin with some fun activities to warm up and energize, and transition into playing with the perspectives of the different roles we play as women, as well as, exploring the often hidden intentions we communicate. Improv is a lively way uncover useful insights about ourselves and the ones we love. FEATURED PRESENTERS » » KIMBERLY USSERY, M.F.A., Creative Writing, UCR and teacher at Desert Sands Unified » » ALISSA MARSHALL, M.A., 30 years in education, studied theatre in the US and England and performed in sage productions from Shakespeare to musical theatre » » SHERRI DEBOER has a wide background in the performing arts as a musician and with extensive study in cultural world dances and creative movement » » LATONJA D. DAVIS, M.A., Associate Professor in Art, Mt. San Jacinto Community College and a mixed-media professional artist REGISTRATION FEES Includes parking, workshop materials, snacks and refreshments UCR Osher members $35 with member ID Section: 174-CCS-210 Non-Osher members $50 Section: 174-CCS-211 14 Camp Creative