OSHER LIFELONG LEARNING INSTITUTE  |  UCR EXTENSION  |  FALL 2017 21 Riverside Classes UCR Extension Center 1200 University Avenue, Riverside RIVERSIDE EXTENSION ★ Rancho Mirage Classes Annenberg Center for Health Sciences 39000 Bob Hope Dr, Rancho Mirage ANNENBERG CENTER ★ Palm Desert Classes UCR Palm Desert Center 75-080 Frank Sinatra Dr, Palm Desert UCR PALM DESERT ENROLL EARLY CURRENT MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED GUESTS WELCOME Enrollments and Special Event RSVP request processing Members are encouraged to enroll early since certain courses and lectures fill up quickly. Enrollments and RSVP requests are processed as they arrive in the office. If a course, lecture or event you request is full, your name will be placed on the wait list. Enrollment status (confirmed or wait-listed) will be noted on your confirmation. Wait- listed members will be notified when a space becomes available.  Attending courses and lectures for which you are not enrolled Current membership is required to enroll in the Osher LIFE Lecture Series and Osher courses. If you are not enrolled and would like to attend, please contact the Osher office before attending the class lecture or event. You will be accommodated on a space- available basis. Bringing guests Bringing guests age 50 and over to Osher is a lovely way to introduce them to our community of learners. There is no guest charge. Guests are welcome to attend Osher courses and Osher LIFE Lectures on a space available basis. Call the Osher office four days before the event to RSVP for your guest. Please be considerate and limit your guest requests to one per term. To attend multiple events or activities in one term, your guest may purchase an Osher membership and pay applicable program fees. UCR Osher Director Sandra Richards Osher Staff Stacy Sweeney Contact us: (951) 827-7139 or Email: olli@ucx.ucr.edu