“Live your life and forget your age.” – Norman Vincent Peale Riverside 2 Life Through a Lens Documentary Series Tues. 9:30 a.m.-12 p.m., Sep. 11-25 and Nov. 27-Dec. 11 This series focuses on a broad range of documentary film-making that includes biographies on notable literary and political figures, an exploration of women in jazz, historic events in Asia, the comparison of US social issues with those in Europe, and the cats of Istanbul. Stacy Davies, MPW, is an award-winning arts and culture journalist in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire, and a film historian at UC Riverside. UCR Osher instructor since 2009. 182-CCS-001 Creating a Legacy Journal Wed. 10 a.m.-12 p.m., Sep.12-Oct 17 Explore more of your life’s purpose and legacy through electronic journaling or imprinting. Both can be done with hand-held iOS devices like your iPhone, iPad, or Mac laptop, and by downloading the free application (app), Penzu. In-class instruction includes learning the important elements of journaling by practicing writing journal entries, and documenting your plans to affect your local community, society as a whole, or the world through volunteerism activities, or other means. Uncover ideas about the personal imprint you would like to leave for others, as you document it electronically as your personal artifact (Artifact, 2018) for historical interest, giving back, and reflection. Laura Lynn Amerson, Ed.D., also holds a Master’s degree in Instructional Design Theory, and specializes in understanding and communicating how adults like to learn. UCR Osher instructor since 2018. 182-CCS-002 Pearl Harbor Reconsidered Wed. 1 p.m.-3 p.m., Sep. 12-Oct. 17 Pearl Harbor provokes specific images and emotions in most Americans. Seventy-seven years ago, United States military personnel were “suddenly and deliberately attacked” by Japanese forces, leaving more than 2400 people killed and nearly 1200 people wounded. The following day, President Franklin Roosevelt appeared before congress, and secured a declaration of war. The consequences of that declaration continue to reverberate in our nation today. Through recently declassified information published in two prominent books, Day of Deceit and Pearl Harbor Betrayed, you can explore what was happening in Washington, Tokyo, and Oahu, in the years, months, weeks, days, and minutes before the attack. What you discover in this course will surprise you and change your view of history. As a powerful way to process and comprehend the information, you will read sections from these publications and discuss them in light of conventional wisdom. John Powers, M.F.A., is a theater artist, writer, and director. His most recent accomplishments include the multi-platform development of the Pentagon Papers. UCR Osher instructor since 2013. 182-CCS-003 The Week’s News in Review Thurs. 10 a.m.-12 p.m., Sep. 13-Oct. 18 An interactive discussion of events shaping the news each week. Media sources include print, TV, the Internet and social media. You discuss politics, the economy, sports, show business and “headline” topics. Paul Gill, M.A., International Relations and History, U.S.A.F. Retired, has served as a Wing Commander, school district cabinet official, chief operating officer, community development director, and has extensive experience in media relations and public speaking. UCR Osher instructor since 2014. 182-CCS-004 SEPTEMBER UCR Extension Center  1200 University Ave.  Riverside RIVERSIDE OSHER LIFELONG LEARNING INSTITUTE  |  UCR EXTENSION  |  FALL 2018 Program information (951) 827-7139  www.extension.ucr.edu/osher