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Professional Achievement Award in Digital Marketing

Professional Achievement Award in Digital Marketing

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Change the way you communicate with consumers and take advantage of today’s most powerful technological tools. Having a mobile and digital marketing strategy means more than creating a website. Learn how to improve your online presence, use cutting-edge media, and navigate e-commerce.

Designed For

Individuals who are:

  • Working in marketing and would like to explore a niche market with enormous growth potential
  • Seeking career advancement in business, marketing, or management.

What You'll Learn

  • Innovative approaches to guerilla marketing, including cutting edge, mobile digital technologies to engage consumers.
  • Explore the use of podcasting, video and radio to expand market share.
  • Understand digital viral marketing techniques, which use preexisting social networks to increase brand awareness.
  • Successful e-commerce strategies to help businesses expand their reach.
  • How to use Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds to keep clients and customers up-to-date.
  • Discover ways to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) successfully.

What You Can Do With This Certificate

Positions are available in industries around the world, and can be found in private firms or companies, government or nonprofit organizations. They might include:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Content and New Media Specialist
  • Ecommerce Communication Manager
  • Internet Marketing Analyst

Program Overview


7 Units

Real People. Real Results.

“It's been an enriching experience updating my skills, and obtaining my Professional Achievement Award in e-Marketing. I've met and networked with bright individuals who have now become great friends and colleagues.”

Bejel Patel

Tech Member of Services, Development & Marketing
ABL Organization
Corona, CA

Earning the Certificate

Prior to enrolling, please ensure that you meet the following minimum requirements:

  • High school education or equivalent

For more information see How to Earn a Certificate

Certificate Courses

Our certificate programs are designed to be flexible, allowing you the option to take just a few courses or to earn the complete certificate. If choosing to complete the certificate, we recommend you get the most out of your experience by following the suggested completion path below.

Quarter 1

Social Media Marketing Strategy

MGT X476.26

1 units

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

MGT X476.28

1 units

Blogging for Cash

MGT X476.21

1 units

Using Podcasting, Video and Radio to Expand Marketing

MGT X476.23

1 units

Quarter 2

Guerrilla Marketing

MGT X476.22

1 units

New Age Digital Viral Marketing Techniques

MGT X476.24

1 units

Successful e-Commerce Solutions

MGT X485.21

1 units

Instructor Spotlight

“Years ago, I received free computer training from the Los Angeles Urban League and I've been a nerd since. My mission is to provide training that enables students to grow in business, stay in business, and improve their quality of life. My passion is teaching because it provides knowledge which, in turn, is empowering.”

Kim "Kat" Shepherd

Ultimate Professional
Riverside, CA

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