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NOTE: This program has been discontinued. If you are currently enrolled in the program, you may complete your coursework according to the planned schedule of offerings that was emailed to you. We are no longer accepting applications for new students.

Learn to execute the full scope of goods and services with a Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management. From supplier to the consumer, every step in the process is regulated and detail-oriented, requiring a high level of accuracy, coordination, and communication. Equip yourself with knowledge in logistics, operations, purchasing, contracting, and related laws and regulations to master or build justification for advancement in a career in Supply Chain Management. In addition to learning tried-and-true principles and techniques for effective management of personnel, budgeting, and distribution systems, you'll also understand new challenges facing professionals in these roles, including e-commerce, emerging technologies, security, and global supply chain issues.

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    Est. Tuition $3,700

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    Learning Format Online

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    Duration 9 months *

    *Duration times can vary talk to your student success coach for more information.
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    Total Units 20 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Course Schedules are Subject to Change
Required (14 Units )
Fundamentals of Supply Chain ManagementPrinciples and practices of purchasing from determining the requirements for goods and services through their receipt.
4 Units
Legal Aspects of PurchasingRelationship of purchasing to business law (Uniform Commercial Code); law of contracts--offer, acceptance, consideration, warranties, conditions, breach and discharge; contract types; buyers' rights and limitations.
3 Units
Logistics E-CommerceThe e-commerce business in logistics is rapidly growing with evolution of e-shops and delivery companies.
3 Units
Current Issues and Case Studies in Supply Chain ManagementSurveys current trends, issues and best practices in purchasing and supply chain management.
4 Units
Logistics Electives (3 Units )
Distribution ManagementEventually, all manufactured products must be distributed to customers in order to complete the cash-to-cash cycle.
3 Units
Transportation and Traffic ManagementExplores transportation and traffic management principles and techniques including truck, ship, rail, air and intermodal.
3 Units
Logistics in Supply Chain Management: Domestic and GlobalSurveys current practices in logistics management including purchasing, transportation, warehousing and inventory control.
3 Units
Purchasing Electives (3 Units )
Inventory ManagementProvides a comprehensive study of inventory control and warehousing as key functions within the supply chain.
3 Units
Contract NegotiationGeneral principles of negotiation, covering both the discipline and techniques.
3 Units
Procurement and Subcontract ManagementExamines the role, functions and responsibility of the contract administrator and procurement manager.
3 Units
Price and Cost Analysis in Supply Chain ManagementTechniques, analysis, and research methods in choosing suppliers.
3 Units

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