Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

Course Number: MGT X421.1

2 units

Focuses on the idea that business ought to have a triple bottom line which includes profitability, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.  Social entrepreneurship primarily rests on the importance of social benefit, and the areas of market failure (vacuum) brought about by globalization. You will study how entrepreneurship, in the social context, seeks to change the world’s big patterns for the good of all. You will learn to:

  • understand social entrepreneurship at the beginning of the 21st century
  • mobilize innovators through design thinking
  • find and maintain self-sustaining sources of revenue
  • create blended value for all stakeholders through the triple bottom line
  • know "Social Entrepreneurs" as change agents
  • understand the depth and meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Focus will be on both the outcome of specific social entrepreneurial endeavors, and how current corporations view the concept of CSR. Together, we will examine where social entrepreneurship is currently positioned as it relates to for-profit organizations, not-for-profit organizations, and NGO’s (non-governmental organizations). You will utilize the Proof of Impact metrics associated with recent studies and literature.


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