Globalization and Global Strategy

Globalization and Global Strategy

Course Number: MGT X421.3

2 units

Get acquainted with the post-modern global forces at work in today's world, in order to gauge the proper response by the entrepreneur, intrapreneur and social entrepreneur. Learn to manage in a globally competitive environment by emphasizing the use of institutions, cultures, and ethics, and explore the growing and internationalizing nature of business.  Also, learn how to enter foreign markets, create networks, as well as understand the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a global context.  Other points of discussion include:

  • the shift from modernity to a post-modern context
  • why the global marketplace is seen as a "global village" that all participants and stakeholders can access
  • managing industry competition
  • how inequities have developed as a result of the "hidden hand" of globalization
  • how the entrepreneur, intrapreneur and social entrepreneur may have a positive impact

Corporate-level strategies will be discussed which will focus on how large multinational corporate entities (MNE’s) diversify, acquire, and restructure around the world.


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