Methods for Teaching Reading

Methods for Teaching Reading

Course Number: EDUC X450.17

4 units

Reviews various methods and approaches for teaching fundamental reading skills. Discusses how balanced reading instruction combines phonics, word analysis and linguistic skills with contextual reading to promote accuracy and comprehension. Demonstrates how to incorporate reading strategies in subject area instruction, discusses historical perspectives on teaching reading, analyzes reading theories, and demonstrates how to adapt instruction to the needs and strengths of individual learners. Discussions include:

  • the strengths and limitations of different approaches to the teaching of reading, including phonetic analysis, linguistics, and whole word recognition
  • research-based instructional strategies for teaching reading
  • the strengths and needs of typically developing students at emergent, early, fluent, and advanced levels of reading
  • recognizing the patterns of errors
  • how to determine independent and instructional reading levels based on assessment of students with reading difficulties



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