Developing Your Digital Professional Portfolio

Developing Your Digital Professional Portfolio

Course Number: MGT X491.1

3 units

Provides you with an opportunity to become engaged in The Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process (Peet et al., 2011) and to develop a Digital Professional Learning Portfolio. Through a series of learning modules, interactive exercises, and reflective writing assignments and prompts delivered in the classroom and online, you will develop reflective capabilities in assessing your tacit and explicit knowledge, skills, and capabilities, as well as your underlying personal values, goals, and philosophy. You will integrate your learning in the context of a larger institutional culture that strongly emphasizes peer-to-peer learning, leadership development, and deep engagement with the world beyond the classroom.  Learn to:

  • identify and apply the principles of integrative and lifelong learning
  • recognize, retrieve, and articulate different types of knowledge
  • apply the different types of knowledge to your professional development
  • identify your best current and future workplace opportunities

You will utilize personal and professional insights to create a digital professional portfolio that will serve as a resource to pursue employment opportunities, and as a basis for lifelong learning.


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