Youth and Civic Media

Youth and Civic Media

Course Number: EDUC X436

4 units

Discover how civic learning and participation has changed in the digital age. Learn about the range of civic and digital knowledge, skills, and literacies that are needed to navigate this new landscape. Develop the skills that support youth by enacting core participatory practices, such as:

  • researching issues of concern
  • determining the accuracy and credibility of information found online
  • engaging in dialogue, both on- and offline, with people who have multiple perspectives
  • creating and publishing media
  • circulating your perspective to a multitude of audiences
  • taking informed action

Civic media literacy resources from KQED Education, including videos, media production courses, and KQED Teach professional learning platform will support your learning. 

In addition, you will reflect on how traditional civic learning and media literacy learning experiences must adjust to attend to the complexities of the current political and digital environment, as well as explore the role that educators can play in doing this across content areas and grade levels. Finally, you will design a civic media project that you can implement in your own educational setting with your students. The course is designed to draw on cutting-edge scholarship, as well as practical application to enable students to explore 21st century civic education by learning in a 21st century format.


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