Supervised Field Experience in Early Childhood Studies

Supervised Field Experience in Early Childhood Studies

Course Number: EDUC X88.65

5 units

Supervised field experience at the UCR Child Development Center or in another local center-based early childhood setting that implements a program under the requirements of the Child Development Division of the California State Department of Education or is accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs (NAEYC). Focus is on curriculum planning, instructional methods, guided management of child behavior, professional ethics, assessment of program and children, and the partnership between staff and parents. The course is designed to meet Standards 29-33, the Field Work requirements for CCTC Child Development Permits for Childhood Education Programs. The course may be repeated for four quarters, yielding a total of 324 field work hours. The field work participation is offered at different developmental levels – infancy, toddler, preschool, kindergarten, school age. Each level may be repeated twice for credit, but no more than four quarters may be counted for credit. There are nine hours of classroom participation each week, and 20 hours of lecture per quarter. Some placements at individuals' work sites may be considered by instructor.

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