Advanced Child Growth and Development (Age 8 Through Adolescence)

Advanced Child Growth and Development (Age 8 Through Adolescence)

Course Number: EDUC X82.31

3 units

An in-depth examination of current theories and perspectives in child development from age eight through adolescence. A review of these developmental periods from the perspective of their implications on adult outcomes. The contributions of these theories/perspectives to age appropriate programs and practical considerations of the educator and other professionals working with children, including legal, medical and social work.

Una exploracion profunda de teorias y perspectivas actuales en el desarrollo del nino de edad de ocho anos a adolescencia. Un repaso de estos periodosde desarollo desde la perspectiva de sus implicaciones en resultados de adultos. La contribucion de estas teorias/perspectivas a programas apropriados a la edad y consideraciones practicas del educador y otros profesionales trabajando con ninos incluyendo legal, medico, y trabajo social.

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