Assessment and Intervention/Instructional Strategies: Birth through Pre-Kindergarten

Assessment and Intervention/Instructional Strategies: Birth through Pre-Kindergarten

Course Number: EDUC X450.52

4.5 units

Measuring the behavior of typically and atypically developing children (birth to adolescence) via appropriate assessment and observational strategies that document development, growth, play and learning. Work with families and professionals in promoting all children¿s success. Different aspects of development are measured by documenting growth patterns, learning and play behaviors. Children's development is facilitated through an understanding of adult-child and child-child relationships and their influence on shaping behavior. Use of multiple assessment tools that document and record children's behavior on rating systems and portfolios are explored such as recording strategies, rating systems, portfolios, and multiple assessment methods. Facilitate skills in assessment that lead to appropriate interventions and understanding of the range of authentic, formal and informal assessment approaches and strategies, (e.g., naturalistic play-based assessment, family interviews), the impact of cultural and linguistic differences, the influence of specific disabilities on development and learning and the role of the interdisciplinary team. Demonstrate skills required in designing and implementing intervention and instructional strategies that address specific learning needs that are developmentally, culturally, and individually appropriate as well as reflect family concerns and priorities. Implement evidence-based practices into activities to support language, cognition, social-emotional development, and emergent literacy for all children including English language learners. Utilization of a broad repertoire of developmentally appropriate strategies (e.g., hands-on, experiential, child-centered), adaptations, assistive technologies, and other supports that minimize the effects of the child's disability and maximize the child's learning potential and positive family outcomes.


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