Cooperative Learning Structures for Engagement

Course Number: EDUC X475


4 units

Theory and current research of cooperative learning and structures that can generate team building in the classroom. Incorporates research-based activities and teaching strategies developed by Spencer Kagan and associates.

Kagan proressional development is all about engagement. Central to Kagan cooperative learning courses are Kagan Structures. You've probably heard of some popular ones including Numbered Heads Together, RallyRobin and Quiz-Quiz-Trade. These, and many more, are now used worldwide from kindergarten to adult education, in all academic subjects to boost student engagement and learning.

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Put the best research into practice in your classroom
  • Improve your class climate
  • Manage your class for success
  • Build your students' social skills
  • Form successful learning teams
  • Supercharge learning

This class is taught by Kathy Evans, a trained Kagan instructor and a supervisor in the Graduate School of Education at UC Riverside.

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