Introduction to International Trade

Introduction to International Trade

Course Number: MGT X496.04

2 units

Learn the necessary procedures to start up an international trading business using a detailed introduction to the practices, procedures, and services used in the U.S. to export and import merchandise. Topics include:

  • Organizations affecting international trade: sources of information for trading, monitoring, and evaluating commercial conditions in other countries
  • Market research and planning
  • Identifying potential suppliers, pricing merchandise, and resources to find buyers
  • Sales channels: direct, agents, distributors, and representatives
  • Merchandise regulations: control of exports and imports, international classification system, responsibilities of U.S. Customs, rules and related dues
  • Financing: sources of funds for exports and imports, methods of payment, open account, direct, offsets, counter trade, barter, foreign currency exchanges, and contracts
  • Freighting: modes of transport, packaging, containerization, protection, and identification of merchandise and insurance


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