Cartographic Design

Cartographic Design

Course Number: ERT X104

3 units

One of the first things requested after an analysis is made with a geographic information system (GIS) is a map. This course is an in-depth study of cartographic techniques and methods employed in the creation of maps. Map design and content, design procedures, and production techniques are discussed. The course involves students in:

  • color selection
  • the use of text with maps
  • the creation of a "visual hierarchy" to assist the map reader getting the best out of the map

Thematic and general mapping with the use of GIS data are explored. Cartographic design strategies for both printed maps and web maps are discussed.


ERT 802.2, Introduction to ArcGIS, ERT 808.1, Learning ArcGIS Desktop:A Self-Paced Online Course, or Arc GIS experience and consent of program coordinator.

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