Early Childhood Special Education: Role of Family in Early Childhood Special Education

Early Childhood Special Education: Role of Family in Early Childhood Special Education

Course Number: EDUC X455.11

5 units

Examine typically and atypically developing children in a societal context, and focus on the central role of families in facilitating healthy growth and development, and the complex interrelationships among family members, the school system and the community. Emphasis is on cooperation, communication, problem solving, and identification of public agencies which can provide support for children of all developmental levels and their families. Also examine the application of relationship-based, culturally and linguistically appropriate, family-centered practices in all aspects of early intervention, as well as the impact of the disability on the family and the process of engaging families in the education of infants and young children with disabilities. Requires ten hours of fieldwork. This involves visiting, completing an written report and presenting to the class on agencies that support families of young children with special needs or provide services to the children. The fieldwork assignments will be made by the instructor, and may include:

  • Regional Center
  • California Children's Services
  • First Five California
  • Parent Advocacy Groups
  • Disability Awareness Groups
  • Child Find programs
  • Local Agencies
  • Interviews with pediatricians or pediatric nurses, child psychologists, school nurses or other health care professionals


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