Mammal Tracking in the East Mojave

Mammal Tracking in the East Mojave

Course Number: BIOL X410.1

1.5 units

Using habitat in the East Mojave Desert, home to home to gray and kit foxes, coyotes, bobcats, badgers, ringtails, bighorn sheep, cottontails, jackrabbits and many rodent species, you will be introduced methods to identify, interpret and follow mammal tracks via lecture, photos, plaster casts, videos and hours of practice in the field. You will cover:

  • clear print identification
  • gaits and track patterns
  • interpreting tracks for motion, mood and personality
  • relating tracks and signs to behavior and biology
    • You will also learn a mental approach to tracking that allows greater perception, more vivid visualization and less human impact.


No Prerequisites for this course

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