Geology of the Basin and Range Province

Geology of the Basin and Range Province

Course Number: GEO X460.9

2 units

The Basin and Range Province is a unique geological region located in the southwestern United States. During the past 27 million years, extensional stress related to plate tectonic activity has created a landscape of mountain ranges and valleys riddled with faults, marked by volcanoes and modified by erosion.

Participants will:

  • Study the rocks, minerals and landforms of the Mojave Desert to learn how the landscape has evolved since the Miocene Period.
  • Be able to recognize faults and rock formations in a field setting.
  • Learn how to differentiate among the various rock types (volcanic, igneous, and sedimentary).
  • Examine how erosional features have sculpted the present-day landscape.
  • Types of volcanic activity and minerals related to the Basin and Range extension are also covered.


    No Prerequisites for this course

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