Practicum and Coaching for Transitional Kindergarten Teachers

Practicum and Coaching for Transitional Kindergarten Teachers

Course Number: EDUC X444.H

4.5 units

Complete field experience in model educational settings where Transitional Kindergarten children are served. You will work closely with a practicum instructor and school site coach to gain experience in professional learning communities, Transitional Kindergarten network meetings, and other collaborative activities at the school site and/or school district level. Upon conclusion of your practicum, you will:

  • know how to successfully plan, organize and deliver grade-level content based on the CCSS
  • have acquired a deeper knowledge and understanding of delivering effective instructional strategies to TK children
  • better understand your role as a teacher in fostering and facilitating their development                      

You will be required to videotape or be observed teaching a lesson in a core content area such as language arts, math, or science.




Bachelor's degree and passage of the CBEST Exam or a valid CA Teaching Credential is required.


EDUC X444.A - Transitional Kindergarten: Child Growth and Development

EDUC X444.B - Diversity and Responsive Teaching in a Transitional Kindergarten Classroom

EDUC X444.C - Home, School and Community Collaborations for Transitional Kindergarten Teachers

EDUC X444.D - Language, Literacy and Support for Preschool English Learners 

EDUC X444.E - The Transitional Kindergarten Curriculum              

EDUC X444.F - Intentional Teacher Engagement in a Transitional Kindergarten Classroom

EDUC X444.G   Observation and Assessment in a Transitional Kindergarten Classroom

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