Field Study of Birds: Costa Rica

Field Study of Birds: Costa Rica

Course Number: BIOL X408.8

5 units

Costa Rica, a country in Central America roughly the size of West Virginia, is home to about 900 species of birds--many more birds than can be found in all of North America north of Mexico. Our sixteen-day trip will provide you with ample time to study many of them, and to enjoy the other wildlife (monkeys, sloths, agoutis, frogs, snakes, crocodiles, etc.) in this tropical ecosystem. Study the avifauna of several distinctly different areas, each with unique habitats and birds:

  • Rancho Naturalista, a private reserve on the Caribbean slope
  • Selva Biological Station, a research center on the Caribbean slope
  • Arenal Observatory Lodge, an ecolodge near the Arenal volcano
  • Savegre, an ecolodge in the highlands south of San Jose
  • Carara National Park in the Pacific lowlands
  • an ecolodge on the Osa Peninsula

You will search for the diminutive Snowcap hummingbird, the must-be-heard-to-be-believed Three-wattled Bellbird, the beautiful Resplendent Quetzal (which many birders feel is the most beautiful bird in the world), and along the way, encounter oropendolas, tanagers, antbirds, trogons, motmots, toucans, tinamous, jacamars, and puffbirds. The timing of the trip will also allow you to find North American birds that spend the winter in Central America. Besides the fun of ticking off birds on our checklists, the group will discuss habitat relationships, tropical weather, and life history characteristics of Costa Rican birds.


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