Natural and Cultural History of the Mojave National Preserve: Soda Lake to Kelso Dunes -- The Low Country

Course Number: BIOL X425.28A


1.5 units

A wide-ranging study of the remarkably diverse Mojave National Preserve. The area of the preserve below 3,500', including the western shore of Lake Mojave, feature flora and fauna unsurpassed in the region for their diversity. Features of the course include:

  • How climate change has resulted in the plants and animals of today
  • The habitat of an endangered fish that has survived the climate change
  • The 10,000 year history of human use of the area, from ancient stone tool manufacturing sites and petroglyphs, to 19th century wagon roads and an early 20th century railroad
  • A visit the historic Oro Fino mine site at the foot of Old Dad Mountain
  • Exploration of the Cima Volcanic Field, including a cinder cone and a lava tube
  • Walking the Kelso Dunes in search of animals and their tracks
  • Lunch at the historic Kelso railroad depot


No Prerequisites for this course

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