Natural and Cultural History of the Mojave National Preserve: Clark Mountain to Mitchell Caverns -- The High Country

Course Number: BIOL X425.28B


1.5 units

The Mojave National Preserve encompasses a region of remarkable landscape diversity, which results in a diverse flora and fauna unsurpassed elsewhere in the Mojave Desert. You will:

  • Explore the plant and animal communities along the way to Copper World Mine in Clark Mountain
  • En route to the Cow Cove petroglyph site, travel through a portion of the world's largest Joshua Tree forest flanking the famous Cima Dome
  • Travel past the Cima Volcanic Field, where the Mojave ecosystem gives way to an island of Great Basin Desert at about 5,000 feet
  • Cross the divide between the Great Basin of North America and the Colorado River drainage, to the eerily eroded rocks of Hole-in-the-Wall
  • Descend the ""Rings Trail"" of Banshee canyon to the bottom of this unique volcanic formation
  • Have a guided tour of the Mitchell Caverns in the majestic Providence Mountains


No Prerequisites for this course

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