Forensic Approaches to Human Abuse Injuries

Forensic Approaches to Human Abuse Injuries

Course Number: BMSC X465.3

2 units

The most recent findings on crimes against individuals, such as sexual assault and child abuse, and includes factors that may contribute to violent acts. Evidence collection, preservation and vital documentation, and crime prevention strategies are discussed. Other topics include:

  • Distinguishing accidental trauma from intentional injury
  • Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Legal aspects of reporting and pursuing suspected or confirmed cases of human abuse

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Starting Jun 26


Starting Jun 26

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Cari Caruso [ bio ]

close [x] Cari L. Caruso, RN, SANE-A, Owner/CEO, Forensic Nurse Professionals, Pasadena, has over 30 years of experience in nursing, with vast experience as a forensic sexual assault examiner, consultant and expert witness for prosecutors and defense attorneys. She has conducted hundreds of forensic evidentiary exams on reported victims and suspects of sexual assault at the request of law enforcement agencies and provides a variety of other forensic services. She was one of the first Forensic Nurses in the United States to become a Board Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner for Adults and Adolescents.


Jun 26 - Aug 12, 2018


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"Forensic Nursing Science"
Virginia Lynch
ISBN: 978-0323066372


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Section No.: 181CHF005

Dates: Jun 26 - Aug 12, 2018

Instructor: Cari Caruso

Textbook: Mandatory
"Forensic Nursing Science"
Virginia Lynch
ISBN: 978-0323066372

Location: Online Course

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