Conifers of Southern California

Conifers of Southern California

Course Number: BPSC X423.5

1 units

Southern California has one of the most diverse assemblages of cone- bearing trees anywhere in the world. Over one-fourth of the conifer species found in the United States exists in Southern California, including two rare cypress species, several closed-cone pines, and the endemic Big Cone Douglas Fir. This course surveys the natural history of cone-bearing trees in Southern California, including habitat, reproductive cycles and responses to disturbances such as fire. On the field trip, participants learn basic field identification techniques, as well as tips for differentiating closely related species. The class also discusses current scientific theories concerning the relationship among landscape scale disturbance, reproductive success, and the modern distribution of Southern California's conifer species. Course participants should be prepared for approximately three miles of light to moderate hiking at elevations between 4,000 and 7,000 feet.


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