Oaks of Southern California

Oaks of Southern California

Course Number: BPSC X423.6

1 units

Southern California is home to one of the most diverse, abundant and beautiful assortment of oaks in all of western North America. Ranging from the coast to the high desert, 17 distinct species (along with nearly a dozen hybrids) grace the slopes and canyons of nearly two-thirds of Southern California's native landscapes. This course surveys the ecology and natural history of Southern California's native oaks, including their ranges, habitat requirements and life cycles. On the field trip, participants learn basic field identification techniques, as well as a few tricks for differentiating closely related species. Includes information on how natural disturbances such as fire, flood and drought have influenced oak evolution. Current status and future prospects of oaks in light of recent environmental stresses associated with urban sprawl, air pollution and global warming are discussed.


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