Specialized Professional Program in Sports Marketing and Venue Management

Specialized Professional Program in Sports Marketing and Venue Management

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The Role of Sales in Sports

This course introduces the various methodologies, techniques, and strategies available to business leaders, managers and entrepreneur's seeking to improve their staff's capabilities, engagement, innovation and flexibility. The course also examines the attitudes and attributes that successful coaches and mentors use to empower others. Topics covered include: emotional intelligence, how to motivate employees, alternate work options, the appropriate application of different management styles, and not ignoring difficult employees. Also included are leading and coaching within an organization; identifying how to get the most out of people; and your role as a leader, counselor, listener, facilitator and director. Students will learn how to develop action plans for staff development and training.


2 units

Sports Promotion and Fan Engagement

This course is designed for those looking to acquire the essentials of marketing within the multibillion dollar industry of sports. The goal is to orient participants to the real world of sports-related businesses, while providing fundamental marketing and practical communications tools. The class is designed with a very operative approach, mainly focusing on the roles of branding, advertising and promotions, public relations, and sponsorships. Students will discuss the integration of theory and practice in effective strategic marketing and evaluate differing models utilized to increase brand awareness, fan engagement and revenue in sporting organizations.


2 units


Sports Venue and Facility Management

An overview of management theories and practices with sports organizations. Topics include security, stadium operations, concessions, merchandising, game day (or event day) operations and planning, and basic financial operations. Each student will leave this 5-week course with a working knowledge of each aspect of running a sports facility and as a result, will be better prepared to work in any area within a venue. 


2 units

Applied Sports Management

The purpose of this course is to take everything the students have learned in the sales, marketing, and facility/venue courses, and tie it all together. Throughout the previous courses, students have worked on sales presentations, marketing and sponsorship strategies, and operations plans. The teachers and industry experts have given feedback and instructions on how to improve their presentations. In this final leg of the program, the students will be tested on their knowledge, the material and information learned from experts in the sports industry, and in-class discussions. They will also deliver final presentations that encompass all they have studied.


1 units

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