Specialized Professional Program in Project Management for Business

Specialized Professional Program in Project Management for Business

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Project Management Essentials

This course provides students with an examination of project management techniques, tools and strategies. Through lectures, team-based exercises and simulations, students gain exposure to proven methodology used to manage projects from inception to implementation to monitoring and evaluation. Topics include: root cause analysis, project definition, lifecycles, planning, risk management, control and reporting. This course provides participants with valuable insights to more effectively and efficiently manage small to mid-sized projects.


3 units

Project Scheduling and Risk Management

From project inception through implementation and analysis, this course explores basic concepts of structured project management, including scheduling, budgeting and risk management from both opportunity and threat perspectives. Topics include: risk identification and analysis, activity planning and sequencing, schedule development, cost estimating, budgeting and resource allocation.


3 units

Project Leadership, Communication and Team Building

Delivering effective projects requires organizational planning, team building, communication and human resources management. Participants examine how to assess, plan, implement, manage and monitor a project's human resource requirements, communications and leadership roles and responsibilities. Topics include identifying and managing project staffing requirements, leadership roles and responsibilities, personnel reporting and dynamics with two or more managers/supervisors, teamwork and team development, outsourcing, information dissemination, performance reporting, project information storage and retrieval, confidentiality and ethics and professional accountability/responsibility.


3 units

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