Professional Certificate in Effective Sales

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Essentials of Professional Sales

An A to Z overview of the sales process for those looking for an entry into the sales profession. This course examines lasting sales theories and best practices, which are used in business, as well as everyday communication. Topics include time management, listening, consultative selling, written and oral presentations, negotiation, closing, networking and the collaboration of sales and marketing in today’s business world.


3 units

Sales Skills and Strategies

This course provides an in-depth look at the skills and strategies when prospecting for clients. Explore various methods and approaches used by successful professionals including pre-planning, conducting research, “in the moment” strategies when needed, writing proposals, networking, consultative selling, listening, and developing important follow-up tactics with prospects and clients.


3 units

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Examine the purpose of sales and marketing in business, independent from each other, as well as how they work in concert with each other. Explore the role of sales within a marketing department, the strategies and techniques of communication and awareness of what each unit is developing, and learn how to analyze results and identify potential changes.


3 units

Negotiating and Closing to Win Sales

Designed as the capstone, this course provides a step-by-step approach in learning how to negotiate and close deals when approaching a client on buying your products and/or services. Incorporating the skills learned in the prior courses, students explore the crucial steps in negotiation practices to achieve goals and winning sales.


3 units

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