Professional Certificate in Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations

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Required (12 units)
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Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations I

An introduction to the characteristics of governmental and nonprofit accounting emphasizing the various fund types and account groups. Includes a review and evaluation of presently recommended accounting and financial reporting procedures for state and local governmental units. Covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of governmental and nonprofit accounting.


4 units

Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations II

This course expands on the basic concepts of governmental and nonprofit accounting, including financial reporting of state and local governments, analysis of governmental financial performance, auditing for government and nonprofit organizations, budgeting and costing of government services, federal government accounting and reporting, common accounting issues surrounding nonprofits, regulatory and taxation for nonprofits, accounting issues surrounding colleges, universities and health care organizations.


4 units

The Budgetary Process in Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations

Students examine concepts and practices of budgeting in the public and nonprofit sectors. Students are exposed to how budgets are prepared, developed and implemented through political processes, boards of directors, agencies, etc. Topics include: overview of the budgetary process, preparing budgets and understanding the role of stakeholders in the budgetary process.


4 units

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