Bilingual Authorization (BILA)

Bilingual Authorization (BILA)

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Orientation: Bilingual Authorization

This orientation to the Bilingual Authorization Program provides teachers with a clear understanding of the entire program, including information on the application process, prerequisites, course requirements, and standards. It is mandatory for applicants entering UCR Extension's Bilingual Authorization Program.


0 units

Survey of Bilingual Issues

Includes the historical, legal, and legislative contexts of bilingual education in the United States. The effects of demographic changes on bilingual education and pertinent Federal and State legislation, with significant court cases related to bilingual education, will be discussed. Models of bilingual education, including characteristics, goals, and research findings will be presented. The effectiveness of different bilingual education models will also be investigated. Special attention will be given to the role of primary language instruction in the Dual Language setting.


4 units

Assessment and Methods of Instruction in Bilingual Settings

Covers the foundations of bilingual education and the concept of bilingualism. The process of first- and second- language acquisition and language development, according to research-based theories, will be addressed. Required state assessments, formative and summative assessments, peer and self-assessments and the use of authentic assessments will be presented. English Language Development and content area methods of instruction will be modeled and observed. How to differentiate content-area instruction in L-1 and L-2, based on learner needs and language proficiency levels, while using appropriate approaches will be emphasized.


6 units

Reading and Biliteracy in a Second Language

Prepares bilingual candidates to better understand the interrelatedness among the four domains of language (listening, speaking, reading and writing), in both the primary and second languages of their students. Critical features of educational programs for dual language/two-way bilingual immersion will be stressed. Research and instructional strategies that include program implementation, comprehensive literacy instruction, differentiation, literacy assessment, and evaluation tools will be presented. Examination of instructional strategies and materials that focus on how children learn two languages will include phonemic awareness, decoding, word attack skills, vocabulary development, and transferring skills to a target language to enhance reading comprehension in the content areas. Candidates will review the processes of how to adapt and to evaluate district/state required materials in order to meet the unique needs of all students. With this focus, Bilingual candidates will strengthen their instructional practices in bilingual education settings.


4 units

Culture and Diversity in Bilingual Settings

Preparation for bilingual candidates to understand cross-cultural, intercultural and intra-cultural relationships and interactions, and how those factors affect the process of acculturation in California and the United States. Major historical events, along with political, economic, religious, and educational factors will be addressed. Knowledge of traditions, roles, status and communication patterns of the culture of emphasis will be aligned with the socialization and acculturation experiences. The historical perspective and trends of immigration, migration and settlement patterns will be reviewed. The educational systems and the school experiences of the immigrants will be analyzed, so that bilingual candidates will develop effective and appropriate approaches and strategies for students¿ academic successes. This course will also present ways to bridge the home and school cultural environments.


4 units

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