Professional Certificate in College Admissions Counseling

Professional Certificate in College Admissions Counseling

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The College Counseling Process

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the process of counseling students and families through the college admissions process. This practice of college counseling involves practitioners from several disciplines and encompasses a wide range of skills and issues related to education, administration, public policy, and others. By the end of the course, students should generally understand the components of the college counseling process, including an understanding of the field of college counseling, postsecondary options, standardized testing and other data utilized in the process, the role of essays, interviews, and resumes, etc., and issues of access and success. Students should also have developed an identity as college counselors and have a plan for how they might begin working with students and families in this process.


4 units

College Admissions Procedures

Exploration of the documents required in the college application process and discussion of the preparations students need for college admissions testing. Resources available for gathering and presenting transcripts, school profiles, teacher recommendations, secondary school report forms, college applications, and entrance essays.


3 units

Financial Aid Planning for Higher Education

Strategies for helping students succeed in obtaining financial aid for higher education. Techniques for creative financial planning, various appeal processes available to students and their families. Analysis of financial aid need analysis forms, stages of applying for and negotiating financial aid packages will be presented.


2 units

Professional and Ethical Issues in the College Application Process

Ethical issues in the college application process. Illustration of programs designed to meet the needs of underrepresented students and discussion of tracking and documentation procedures.


3 units

Analysis and Application of Effective Career Counseling Strategies

Theory and methods of career counseling appropriate for college-bound students. Information related to education and careers, assessment instruments and resources available for occupations are presented. This course is appropriate for college, career, educational and rehabilitation counselors and professionals in the mental health field.


3 units

Practicum in Counseling College-Bound Students

Practicum in guidance and counseling of the college-bound student in a secondary school setting. Participants will develop a case study that reflects effective guidance of a secondary student into a private or public two or four year institution. Students will submit a portfolio at the end of the class that provides evidence of what has been learned in the program. 


3 units

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