Specialized Study Program in Fundamentals of Yoga

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Iyengar Yoga, Part I

Introduction to the basic principles and practice of Iyengar Yoga through instruction on postures (asanas) from four groups: standing, forward bends, back bends and inverted poses. Instruction includes the classical Sanskrit term and meaning for each pose, variations and adaptations of postures, and the physical and mental health benefits of each group of asanas. Students are required to complete four quarters of this course, for total of 8 units.


2 units

Basic Concepts of Yoga

According to basic concepts of yoga, the tremendous potential of the human mind and body can be realized by practicing certain disciplines. This course introduces these disciplines and explores other basic yoga concepts such as the four-fold goals of human life, three qualities of nature, laws of cause and effect, eight powers of mind or the accomplishments one can attain, five kinds of fluctuations of mind, five sources of pain, different kinds of distractions, and detachment of liberation.


1 units

Cultural Heritage of India

This course presents an insight in to the richness of an ancient culture that gave birth to the art and science of Yoga. Besides Yoga, early India has also explored several other aspects of human life in relation to this existence. The facts and principles thus discovered have found their expression in various forms of art, science and literature. A brief introduction to these is provided in this course.


1 units

Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga: Part A

A survey of the musculoskeletal structure and their movements of the human body. Emphasis is on the major muscle groups, axial and appendicular skeleton, joints and joint movement. Designed to give the yoga practitioner a working knowledge of the movement of the body.


1 units


Philosophical History and Foundations of Yoga

Yoga has its roots in the ancient philosophy of India. Join us for an introduction to the various schools of Indian philosophy, and to explore their Yoga connection.


2 units

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