Build Your Readiness

Prepare to make a successful application to your desired undergraduate degree program at UCR. Combine academic skills training and UCR credit classes, while learning how to meet the challenges of academic work and life at an American campus. Benefit from an individualized student coach to mentor you throughout the program, and help guide you on a path to success.

Key Program Features

  • Obtain UCR Freshman credits at a discounted rate for savings on undergraduate program
  • Credits transferrable to UC, CSU and other top universities
  • Unique group success seminars
  • Dedicated academic advising throughout the program
  • Individualized student coaching and cross-cultural support
  • Application support and guidance
  • Certificate Award in University Research and Readiness

Program Structure


  • 7 courses (29 units) over 3 quarters
  • 6 support courses and workshops
  • Prerequisites: IELTS 5.5+

Fall Start


  • Apply to program through Interlearn
  • UCR University Extension enrolls student in courses
  • Course access (NetID, MFA) issued



  • Begin courses in January
    • ANTH XR001
    • Academic Skills
    • Research & Rhetoric I
    • Survey of American Literature I
  • Apply to UCR for fall admission



  • Continue taking courses:
    • PHYS XR37
    • PHIL XR007
    • HIST XR020
    • AWP Workshop
    • AWP Exam
    • Research & Rhetoric II
    • Duolingo Exam (115+)



  • Continue taking courses:
    • ETST XR001
    • ECON XR002
    • PHIL XR002/3/5
    • Duolingo Exam (115+) if needed

Fall End

UCR Freshman*

  • Begin courses at UCR as a matriculated international freshman.

*Students must meet all UCR admissions criteria. Admission is not guaranteed.

Course Overview

Academic Credit Courses

  • ANTH XR001 - Cultural Anthropology (4 units)
  • PHYS XR037 - The Origins (4 units)
  • PHIL XR007 - Introduction to Critical Thinking (4 units)
  • HIST XR020 - World History: Twentieth Century (4 units)
  • ETST XR001 - Introduction to the Study of Race and Ethnicity (4 units)
  • ECON XR002 - Introduction to Macroeconomics (5 units)
  • One from the following:
    • PHIL XR002 - Contemporary Moral Issues (4 units)
    • PHIL XR003 - Ethics and the Meaning of Life (4 units)
    • PHIL XR005 - Evil (4 units)

Academic Support and Development Courses

  • ENGL 950.AS - Academic Skills
  • ENGL 951.RR - Research & Rhetoric I
  • ENGL 952.RR - Research & Rhetoric II
  • ENGL 950.AL - Survey of American Literature I
  • ENGL 950.WP - Analytical Writing Placement Examination Workshop

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