Step Behind the Yellow Tape

Take a step behind the tape and learn how to manage a crime scene by using scientific procedures and an eye for detail. Develop the skills for proper collection, preservation of evidence and photographing crime scenes. Learn from real-world experts and gain hands-on experience through field trips to local crime labs and the coroner's office.

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These programs are designed for people looking for a career or who are currently in the field of crime scene investigation who would like to further develop their skills and expertise

UCR Extension has been an important resource in pursuing my career goals within law enforcement. I'm a recent graduate of the CSI program and currently enrolled in the CIA program. I am most impressed by the amazing instructors who have practical experience in their specialized fields. Their experience, knowledge, and resources have been a vital part of my journey.

Christine Mattoni

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Explore your world with UCR Extension classes. All of UCR Extension's academic programs are developed in conjunction with, and are sometimes taught by, UCR faculty, thus ensuring that students receive the same uncompromising standard of excellence upheld by the University.

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