Message from the Director

This is Ms Sandra Richards UCR Osher is entering its 18th year. Our program offers intellectually stimulating learning experiences that are robust, interactive, balanced, complex, intimate, and healing. Our members are like-minded knowledge seekers looking to be part of a vibrant community that loves lifelong learning. Our multi-faceted and qualified team of presenters believe that learning done well is learning that is forever.

Member safety is our priority, so for the fall 2020, winter and spring 2021 quarters, we will continue our learning online, via Zoom. We have found new ways to engage and connect. All-in-all, it's been the most rewarding experience - and it's kept us connected.

"While I think most, if not all, of us would want to be together in person during a journey of discovery, I am encouraged, indeed inspired, by the capacity of the Osher program at UCR Extension to adapt and to keep moving forward." -- John M. Powers, Osher Instructor
"Barry and I love remote learning. Connections with other participants seem more intimate, even if we choose to just listen and not participate. Learning the Zoom technology is easy, very user-friendly." -- Glennie Feinsmith, Osher Member

Please consider joining our Zoom online adventure! I think you will be so surprised at the fun, engaging environment - and I know you will love seeing and spending time with your Osher family!

Hope to "see" you online in an Osher course soon! I'm confident you will enjoy the experience. Stay distanced and be well.

Sandra T. Richards, Director, UCR Osher Lifelong Learning Institute