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Computer Science and Technology

Data Science with R

Data science has quickly become one of the most sought after skills in the workforce. Become part of this new revolution and learn how you can use powerful data science tools and methods to solve real-world business problems.


AC-DC Circuits

Get an introduction to electronic circuitry in this hands-on program designed to cover the fundamentals of alternating current, concepts of electromagnetism, series and parallel circuits, electronic schematics, and test equipment.


Digital Electronics

Dive into digital electronics with an introduction to using microprocessors, sensors, actuators, digital and programmable logics.


Electronics Technology

Challenge yourself to a career in the cutting-edge field of electronics. Develop your knowledge of applications, hardware and software that have changed the landscape of communications and medicine. Become highly skilled at building, maintaining and manipulating the electronics of tomorrow.

Solid State Electronics

Gain hands-on training with an introduction to diodes and bipolar semiconductor devices, including transistors, amplifiers, and AM-FM receivers.


Systems Engineering

Examine engineering processes so you can predict the outcomes of any system or project with confidence and reliability. Join an in-demand area and work anywhere, from computers to aircraft. Look through a new lens and rediscover a profession you love.


Geographic Information Systems Fundamental Intensive Academy

Take the lead in today’s data-driven world with an in-demand skill set that offers endless applications in nearly any industry. Learn how to understand, organize, and visually present large amounts of data.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Fundamentals

GIS applications benefit nearly every field, and the uses are endless. No matter how it’s used, GIS has a profound influence on the way business is done today.



The Coding Bootcamp

The rigorous and fast-paced curriculum covers both theory and practice. Work with a career services team to ramp-up your resume and learn what’s needed to land the perfect job.


Computer Technician

Computers are everywhere. As a skilled computer technician, there will be no end to job opportunities and professional growth. Gain hands-on training in networking and personal computer support. Build and repair computers and networks.

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