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Summer Programs

Bring your focus and intensity to our campus this summer and immerse yourself in a life-changing experience.

You will work hard and your instructors will require a high level of commitment from you, expecting you to understand that "short" does not mean "less."

Graduating from a UCR Summer Academy demonstrates that you have completed a specialized program of study that meets the high standards of the University of California.


Supervision and Leadership Summer Academy

The best leaders don't just supervise, they inspire. They are mindful of social responsibility and understand loyalty and teamwork are equally important as education and experience. Help your team reach its full potential. Learn how best to embrace innovation, solve ethical dilemmas, promote diversity, and more.

Program Runs From: June 29 - August 11


GIS Fundamentals Intensive Academy

Take the lead in today's data-driven world with an in-demand skill set that offers endless applications in nearly any industry. Learn how to understand, organize and visually present large amounts of data using our hands-on intensive summer program.

Program Runs From: June 25 - July 27


Python Scripting

An introduction to the syntax and fundamentals of Python followed by an extensive study of the ArcPy site package and how it can be used to automate and streamline workflows in ArcGIS Desktop.

Program Runs From: July 31 - August 4


Crime Scene Investigation Academy

Be prepared to step behind the yellow tape in just six weeks with our hands-on CSI intensive summer learning experience. Crime scene investigators need legal knowledge a meticulous eye, and scientific procedures to collect and preserve evidence for the justice community.

Program Runs From: July 2 - August 10


Introduction to Digital Arts And Graphic Design

Get a solid footing in the fundamentals of design production in this new creative workshop.This five-week workshop is designed for individuals who want to create visual and innovative communication solutions using graphic elements. This workshop gives you the foundation you need to master the basics, and sets you up to succeed with more advanced training.

Program Runs From: July 14 - August 11


Digital Marketing Summer Academy

Change the way you communicate with consumers and take advantage of today's most powerful technological tools. Having a mobile and digital marketing strategy means more than creating a website. Improve your online presence, use cutting-edge media, and navigate e-commerce.

Program Runs From: July 30 - August 10


Community Health Worker

Community health workers (CHWs) are one of the first contacts for the public and serve as a bridge between health and social services and the community. CHWs build and sustain relationships and communications through outreach, provide hands-on assistance to accomplish daily activities, and offer community education, informal counseling services, social support and advocacy. 

Program Runs From: September 4 - October 25


Programs for Teachers

AP Summer Institute

Developed in collaboration with College Board and the only one of its kind in the nation, this summer program spotlights the latest instructional strategies for teaching AP classes. By keeping up to date with AP course content, learning the latest instructional strategies, and approaches to grading procedures, you will be able to provide students with an intellectual experience comparable to their freshman year at college.

Program Runs From: July 16 - 19


Youth Programs  

STEM Discovery

Students will rotate through classes that focus on science and mathematics through activities such as computer programming and engineering. (Grades 3 - 8)

Program Runs From:

June 25 - June 29 and July 23 - 27 (Riverside)

July 23 - 27 (Palm Desert) 


Expanding Horizons

The Inland Empire's premier summer learning experience for high-achieving, motivated and academically gifted students returns this summer with challenging and creative classes. With classes in science, math, computer programming, engineering, art, technology, and music; elementary all the way to high school students can find a program to explore.

Program Runs From:

Grades 6-8: July 9 - 20 (Riverside)

Grades 3-5: July 9 - 13 and 16 - 20 (Riverside)

Grades 3-8: July 30 - August 3 (Palm Desert)


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